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About this site

How did this website come to life?

Posted on One min read

It all started with a 2018 countdown, and a small list of tips I had accumulated, while learning or experimenting with Google Cloud Platform.

Goal of this site

Google Cloud Platform offers tons of compute options, data storage and processing solutions, useful Machine-Learning APIs, and much more.

The goal of this website is to provide you with tips’n tricks about the whole platform, on a regular basis, to discover lesser known features or make you more productive with those products.

About its authors

The original idea came from me (Guillaume Laforge, a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform), but I encouraged people from all horizons to contribute their own tips.

That’s why to this day, 15 authors contributed tips about App Engine, Cloud Functions, Cloud Storage, as well as Dataflow, BigQuery or Firebase, and many more.

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