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Contribute your own tips

How to suggest or contribute tips

Posted on 2 mins read

Authoring your own tips

You’d like to contribute a new tip to It’s fairly easy: you just need to know about Markdown.

This website is built with the Hugo static site generator, which uses Markdown for the syntax of its articles. Hugo uses the Blackfriday library for Go, for parsing Markdown content and rendering HTML pages. It’s pretty much just like Github’s flavored Markdown.

Perhaps I’ll turn this website into an open source project on Github, but in the meantime, the simplest way to contribute to is simply to create your own tip inside a Github gist, (as a private Gist if you prefer), using the Markdown format, and then share the link with me, via email, Twitter or even via the Disqus comments.

Contributing ideas

If you don’t feel like writing the tips yourselves, no worries, you can also just make suggestions! All suggestions, ideas, etc, are all welcome. So feel free to send your tips ideas directly, via comments, tweets, or emails.


The guidelines are faily minimal.

A tip should be brief, easy to read, and directly actionable for the readers. We’re not trying to create long-form tutorials, we just want to inform about some cool little tricks that makes users more productive, teach about lesser-known features developers can take advantage of.

Also, don’t forget pointers! If you can point people at existing documentation, tutorials, videos, etc, please do so, so that it offers more context to our readers, and so that people have links to go through if they want to dive deeper in the subject at hand.

Claim your name!

We’d like to highlight the authors of the tips. So when you contribute a tip, please be sure to tell us about your name, and also ideally a nickname, so that people can list all the your contributed tips under authors/your-nickname.


In advance, I’d like to say thank you for your upcoming contributions!

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