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Get your hands dirty with Google Cloud codelabs

Nothing beats hands-on experience: learn some Google Cloud technology by practicing with codelabs

Posted on One min read
Get hands-on experience with Google Cloud Platform
Get hands-on experience with Google Cloud Platform

On the eve of a new year, you’re probably busy celebrating with friends and family, but as you prepare for the new year, planning your good resolutions, you might be thinking about getting some hands-on experience with the Google Cloud Platform. Yesterday, we spoke about the Google Cloud Community tutorials, to understand how to learn about the platform by following tutorials. Today, we’re going to speak about Codelabs! Practicing is definitely the best way to learn, and remember for the long term what you’ve discovered.

Fortunately, to help with hands-on learning experience, you can take advantage of Google Codelabs!

There are tons of codelabs available along different themes, such as:

Sometimes, a particular set of codelabs are also collected for specific events, for example during the Devoxx Belgium 2017 conference, where the Google Cloud Platform team was holding coding challenges on their booth.

Some examples of codelabs:

Time to get your hands dirty!

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